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What A Twit..

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Twitter exploded into the social media world in 2006 and has been on the rise ever since. Wikipedia explains that since its launch in 2006 it has gained over 300 million users, generates 300 million tweets and handles 1.6 billion search queries a day.

Whether the tweets are funny or serious, whether they are congratulatory or complaining about something it us a way for anyone to communicate with the world, and for our opinions and feelings out there. Roger McHaney highlights the idea of micro blogging in his book Web 2.0 and Social Media for Business (you can download it here), which is basically expressing you feelings in 140 characters or less. If organisations jump on this bandwagon, they have the potential to reach millions of people and allow the channels of communication between company and consumer to open in a way that has never been experienced before.

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In New Zealand, Twitter has yet to take off as much as it has in the States or Europe but still seems to be gaining steady momentum. For example Twitter is an effective way to check for traffic updates in most major cities, it helps to communicate events going on in different areas and check for surf conditions or the ski fields. It allows real time contact with organisations and important people within those organisations so you can track how CEO’s conduct their business to ensure you are on the right track with your career goals. It also will help with the different aspects of complaints say you experienced bad customer service and you’re frustrated or think that management should know about it then you can tweet about it. The company can take this feedback or frustration and remedy the problem, complain on a Twitter for an instant response. By embracing Twitter as a vehicle for communication organisations can only benefit… in my opinion anyway.

Because of the rate at which Social Media is taking over the world, many companies (particularly in the US) have taken this as chance to push free advertising. Celebrities have the highest Twitter followings and it makes sense to take advantage of that fact. Kim Kardashian has 17 million followers; Justin Bieber has 35 million followers. Thirty. Five. Million. In comparison Dan Carter (an All Back for those who don’t know!!) only has 155 000. It would be insanity for an organisation to pass up the opportunity to promote their product via a celebrity on Twitter. The sad reality is society hangs off every celebrity’s word and sot he chances of someone buying a pair of shoes, or drinking a certain alcohol because Kim Kardashian does is very high!

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All in all Twitter seems to be a great way of getting messages out there, promoting products, issuing press releases and communicating with customers and employees alike. I think that this needs to be taken advantage of especially because our technological world doesn’t seem to slowing down. Poor Einstein!

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