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You Better Communicate!

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“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision” – P.F. Drucker

I have to say one of the benefits of this course so far is that all the different ideas that have been presented have all been really interesting. Many courses I have taken at university have lots of readings and essays but this paper so far has been so fascinating that it’s not a drag to do. This blogging assignment actually brings forward the ideas that we learn in class and puts them to good use as opposed to just writing about a concept and making up examples that go along with it. Kudos to the lecturer!

One of the most important things I have taken from this course is the 4C’s and the impact that they have on our social media world: Communication, Collaboration, Co-operation and Connection. The 4 approaches to social media really help the general understanding of this new technological world.

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I do think that communication is the most important approach for any business because communication is more often than not the key to success. The communication approach covers:

  • Discussion forums
  • Virtual worlds
  • Blogs
  • Social Presence (including Facebook & twitter)
  • Instant Messaging

The world we live in today has made people more selfish and self-opinionated than before. I think this shift is noticed now because there is a platform from which people can speak their. For example today on a forum for another paper I am studying a student complained to our AMERICAN lecturer that he didn’t appreciate the inconsistency between the way the lecturer spelled the word ‘color’ and the way that New Zealanders spell it (colour). So this student clearly thinks that his opinion is one that should be shared with everyone by putting it on the public forum, and that the lecturer (who has a PhD by the way), should change his way of spelling to accommodate his wishes.


Personally I think keep your negative opinions to yourself, but it is posts like this that exhibits just how much social media has taken off! People think that everyone is concerned with their ideas or need to know how they’re feeling, that they publicise it! By forming different types of social media, for example blogs or instant messaging within companies there is opportunity for development and growth for a company.

At IBM, they encouraged blogging and ever since there has been a surge of blogs in the company that span the globe and has encouraged open conversations within the company. The ability to communicate effectively within organisations is the key to success… and without sounding like an afterschool special it really is an incredibly beneficial tool for organisations to use.

Need more proof that social media is an amazing way to communicate?

Also check out this Tumblr that has some really awesome ideas in regards to Social Media!

I’m a huge fan of Tumblr, it is an awesome way to communicate all your thoughts and ideas and to a global audience as well!

Are there any other forms of communication that would be effective for an organisation to use apart from those listed?

Do you think that businesses should steer clear of social media or embrace the social media movement?

(Must make mention here the=at the ideas behind the different processes of communication comes from our lecture slides and Cook’s Enterprise 2.0 which you can purchase here).