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Social Buzz & Viral Phenomenon

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In class this week the learning outcome was centered around social buzz and viral phenomenon. Love it or hate it you can’t avoid it! Each week brIngs about anew YouTube clip, Facebook posting or Tweet that goes global. I must admit that i am intrigued by most if them and do go and have a look for myself, potentially adding to the craze myself.. Go me!


With great power comes great responsibility.. Or so I’ve heard. The fact that one person somewhere in the world can make a comment or record something interesting and within hours someone on the other side of the world can be imitating it is amazing. In fact I was reading an article this morning where a party on Facebook created so much buzz that well over 300 people showed up to the party and police were called. This definitely shows the power that social media has over the current generations (and even older ones: X & Y).

But as I said before I am partial to the odd viral phenomenon and my favourite so far has got to be the Harlem Shake. Cringe! But I love to dance and it’s a catchy beat. So here are my top three (well four but the the rugby ones are technically the same category!!) Harlem Shakes..

I am a Supernatural (the TV show) fiend and these boys really know how to have a good time so I love that they jumped on board with this viral video!

This is the Norwegian Army video and I definitely think it is the most entertaining. Note the 2 soldiers in sleeping bags, the soldier to the right of the screen with the flag who shakes so much he falls out the window and also the soldier in the back left who is spinning around on someone’s back.. Seriously this is supposed to be their army.. It’s awesome!

And of course our very own Crusaders and Blues of Super 15 fame making us oh so proud!

I think the thing with viral phenomenon and social buzz if that it is all in good fun and not hurting anyone just roll with it.. And if you really don’t like it or think its out of hand just don’t watch it, don’t get involved, don’t sweat the small stuff! With power of social media the buzz and phenomenon that is associated with it, it is something that organisations need to be looking at. It is a way to connect with the younger generations, promote their business and improve their reputation by using a vehicle they are familiar with. It can potentially reach a global audience. Certainly something that should be embraced and not pushed to the side!