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Creating The Links

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Web 2.0 is a concept thrown around a lot in this course. For such a common concept it is actually quite hard to define. I think that Wilson says it best:

“the second generation of the Web, wherein interoperable, user centered web applications and services promote social connectedness, media and information sharing, user-created content and collaboration among individuals and organisations”


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LinkedIn provides an excellent example of how a social media tool utilises the rise of Web 2.0 and through this has developed a professional network that helps businesses and people find what they need. Having all the information in one place helps with efficiency and time cost for organisations. Potential employees post their resumes online and employers can post for specific jobs, or find employees that look like what they are searching for. Employees can create profiles and use these profiles to network themselves or even their businesses.


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The benefit here is that the all the information required is provided. It is literally a one stop shop for employers and employees alike. I’m a firm believer in it’s who you know not what you know and LinkedIn provides a network not dissimilar to the old boys network that, although many would deny, is still very much in effect! Even John Key, our Prime Minister is guilty of it! He made a phone call to a friend about a job in a high position and there is more than a little concern about it. Check it out!


Many of the social media tools that businesses have at their fingertips will help with connection, co-operation, collaboration and communication. LinkedIn is one social media network that should be a the front of most businesses minds as it will help with the expansion of their organisations and allows them the freedom to pursue who they want. The connection that is provides between employee and employer is unparalleled.

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