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Stop, Collaborate and Listen..

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Ok so cheesy 90’s music aside, collaboration is another one of the infamous ‘C’s’ that have been the subject of many of my posts! To paraphrase Cook (of Enterprise 2.0 fame), collaboration is all about engaging people (employees), relationship building and problem solving. The ways in which business can effectively use collaboration is through the use of wikis or human-based consumption.

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Wikis are a great way of integrating social media into an organisation. Because the nature of a wiki is about each user collating the information they have with the rest of the people involved, be it a marketing team, or HR division of an organisation, it eliminates the need for a paper trail, or email trail because the employees just change the wiki.

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Cook raises the point that companies who use wikis have reported a success. Because wikis are allowing employees the freedom to engage in the policies and principles of the business and the focus that it brings it is clearly a great collaborative tool.

Now I’m going off on a tangent here but I wanted to share a video that was posted to our forum from another classmate (check out her awesome blog here!). It brings up the idea of communication and how one of NZ’s top organisations used social media to get their point across. Shows just how effective social media can be!