Hop On Board..

You would be pretty hard pressed to find someone these days that didn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account or at least heard of it. It is slowly but surely taking over our society and not surprisingly the academic world is taking notice. The influence that is has on our decisional making and the way we now interpret the world has changed so significantly that there are actual reports on how depression numbers have risen since it began. Seeing how other people live their lives, (even if they have enhanced what it is), sets off all types of emotions for us and ultimately affects our mood.


For CEO’s, the business world is completely separate from the personal one that dominates the social network pages on the Internet. The hesitation is obvious but the benefits are worth it. And whether an organisation likes or not they will be involved in social media anyway so it is better to get on board.



The 4C’s seen in Cook’s Enterprise 2.0 help to demonstrate the four primary functions of social software. Communication; co-operation; collaboration and connection are vital parts of social media and by understanding the tools that the 4C’s provide an organisation will be better equipped to tackle social media.

Personally the integration of social media into the business world can only being positives for the business and could be the difference between success and failure. For example when BNZ ran a campaign about whether money was good or bad, they circulated a lot of interest through the use of social media by releasing the advertising that did not state who had released these videos and posters. The intrigue lead to it being discussed all over social media and in the end turned out to be a very successful campaign. So to quote Alicia Silverstone in Clueless we should get into the kitchen and rearrange some things. If we did this with social media and stop trying to resist change it could be a great thing for the future of organisations.

For anyone interested here’s Alicia Silverstone’s Speech in Clueless:


One Response to “Hop On Board..”

  1. Loved your blog, started off funny to get my interest so was keen to read all of it. Also love the layout, you have inspired me to work a bit harder on mine!!! Well done.

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